Auto accidents can bring about painful injuries that can range from annoying and frustrating to severe and debilitating. Auto accident doctors are the best choice when you’ve been injured in an accident because they have the most experience in dealing with these types of injuries. Regardless of what type of injury you’ve sustained, you need quality care from an experienced professional, such as the auto accident doctors at Blue Star Rehabilitation. Their years in practice have established them as the experts, and they’ve seen a number of common auto accident injuries.


Any severity of neck and back injury that involves ligaments, tendons, and muscles being overextended is considered whiplash. The quick back and forth motion your head makes when hit can cause trauma to your soft tissues that brings about chronic back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, and much more. Whiplash needs time to heal, but you can encourage the healing process by seeking care from an auto accident doctor who is skilled at treating whiplash.

Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruises

Most people walk away from a car accident with only minor injuries, like cuts, scrapes, and bruises. These may be caused by the actual impact of the crash or debris like broken glass or even your phone hitting you. While these are usually minor and don’t require much care from an auto accident doctor, it is always best to get them checked out to avoid infection and more serious issues.

Broken Ribs

Seatbelts can save lives, but they can also cause injuries sometimes, one of which that’s common is rib injuries. While a rib injury is certainly preferable to being ejected from the car, these types of injuries can take a long time to heal and can cause a great deal of pain. Even breathing can be painful if you have a broken or bruised rib, but you should remain under the care of an auto accident doctor until your rib injuries are completely healed.

Head Injuries

An injury to the head is never something to take lightly, even if you think it’s only minor. Even a minimally forceful collision between your head and another object can result in a concussion, a traumatic brain injury, and long-term issues. Seeking treatment from an auto accident doctor is a must with any kind of head injury to ensure you don’t suffer from additional problems and chronic pain in the future.