No matter what type of workplace you have, there is always some risk of injury. Likewise, no matter what precautions you take, there will likely be an injury at some point. However, there are a number of proactive steps employers can take to ensure safety in the workplace. As a workers’ compensation clinic who sees all sorts of injuries, we have compiled some of our top tips for creating a safe workplace environment.

Know and Name the Hazards

Because most places will have hazards of some sort, it is important to acknowledge these risks rather than try to hide them. Open discussions of safety, how to avoid particular injuries, and what risks exist help people to be more conscious of themselves. Additionally, it can let employees look out for others to try and prevent accidents and avoid a visit to a workers’ compensation clinic.

Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Job stress is highly correlated to general health problems amongst employees, higher health care costs, and even increased chance of injuries. An employee who is stressed may be more eager to finish work with little regard to safety, leaving them vulnerable to a trip to the workers’ compensation clinic.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Equipment that is specifically designed to protect employees is known to dramatically reduce the risk of injury as long as it is used correctly. In addition to providing the proper PPE, training and regulation on using the equipment is just as important. Injuries treated at a workers’ compensation clinic are usually less severe when the victim was making use of earplugs, hard hats, goggles, gloves, and other tools.

Encourage Movement

If your workers are usually more sedentary, encouraging them to take breaks and move around can prevent a trip to the workers’ compensation clinic. Many injuries seen at a workers’ compensation clinic can be caused by staying sitting and using a screen all day, like repetitive strain injury, so movement and regular breaks are important.

Use Safe Lifting Methods

If your employees often carry heavy objects, there are certain moves that workers’ compensation clinics recommend to safely life. The four keys are to lift from a position of power, lift close to your body, don’t twist, and stagger your stance. These simple changes can make lifting easily and prevent a back injury that lands someone at the workers’ compensation clinic.

If you or an employee have suffered an injury, the workers’ compensation clinic at Blue Star Rehabilitation is here to help you navigate your recovery and returning to work.