After suffering a workplace injury, you will likely have a period of leave from your job while you heal and regain your strength. The doctors at your workers’ compensation clinic will help you determine when it is safe to begin working again and at what level. But even once you’ve gotten this approval, you will want to take precautions at work to ensure you maintain your progress and don’t suffer further injuries. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you return to the job.

Wait Until You’re Approved

You may begin feeling better before your workers’ compensation clinic has approved you to return to work. While it’s tempting to return to work as soon as possible, it is important to rely on your doctor’s advice. The goal of a workers’ compensation clinic is to help you heal from your injuries, so they will be cautious about approving you when you could cause further issues. It is important to listen to the advice you are given on when to return to work, as well as to communicate if you feel you are not ready to return yet.

Be Aware of Limitations

Even once you are cleared for work, you may not be able to return to the level you were at before your injury occurred. Work with your workers’ compensation clinic to determine any off-limit activities, and be cautious as you perform other tasks. You should also listen to your own body and slow down if you begin to feel symptoms, and increase workload when you feel good. Just because you begin working again doesn’t mean you should stop visiting a workers’ compensation clinic to monitor changes in your body as you change activity levels.

Have Your Documentation Nearby

You should bring any paperwork from your workers’ compensation clinic with you to work as you return, especially copies of your doctor’s orders and restrictions. These documents will remind you of your limitations as well as your employer. You can also note anything you are asked to do on your paperwork and ask about them when you return to the workers’ compensation clinic.

Watch for Re-Injury

If something happens and you do end up hurting yourself again, be sure you have a plan in place with your workers’ compensation clinic. Document any tasks you perform and be on the lookout for symptoms of another injury.

When you suffer a workplace injury, it’s important to have a workers’ compensation clinic you trust to work with you on your recovery and making plans for returning to work. Blue Star Rehabilitation offers comprehensive care that helps you reach your recovery goals.