If you’re a federal employee in Dallas and get injured on the job, Blue Star Rehab is here to help. DOL-OWCP doctors are experts in workers’ compensation treatment and rehabilitation and are well-versed in the proper documentation needed by the federal government. DOL refers to the Department of Labor and OWCP stands for Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. An OWCP doctor in Dallas, TX provides you with the comprehensive care you need and help you with every step of the claims process so you can get the benefits, care, and compensation you deserve.

Proper Documentation for Your Claim

When you trust your care to a Blue Star Rehab OWCP doctor in Dallas, TX, you can expect doctors and a medical team who have received special training in how to complete paperwork for DOL-OWCP claims. As experts in this area, OWCP doctors will thoroughly document all injuries sustained on the job, which becomes evidence for your claim. A Blue Star Rehab OWCP doctor in Dallas can also help you complete any additional paperwork, forms, and narratives required for your claim. It is important to find doctors who take the time and care to complete the documentation properly so you do not experience any delays in your compensation.

Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

At Blue Star Rehab, our OWCP doctors are a multidisciplinary team who can help diagnose your injury, prescribe an appropriate treatment plan, and provide comprehensive follow-up care with physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and more. It is important for you to find an OWCP doctor in Dallas who is certified by the Department of Labor to both diagnose and treat your injuries. Blue Star Rehab goes the extra mile in offering a one-stop-shop comprehensive approach to your care from initial consult through your follow-up care.

Workers’ Compensation Doctors

When a federal worker has been injured on the job, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs will provide care and compensation for medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, wage replacement, and other benefits specific to eligible federal employees. That’s why you should trust your workers’ comp claim with an OWCP doctor in Dallas, TX who is not only excellent at providing you with the comprehensive treatment and care you deserve, but also in walking you through the claims process from start to finish. Blue Star Rehab offers online booking and free consultations to ensure quality customer service for all federal employees injured on the job and in need of an OWCP doctor in Dallas, TX.