4 Important Questions to Ask Your Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Denton, TX

After an on the job injury, you will want to find a reputable workers’ compensation doctor in Denton, TX. A workers’ compensation doctor is not only imperative for your healing and recovery, but they can also be a valuable resource for your workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits. Here are four important questions to ask a workers’ compensation doctor in Denton, TX when determining if they are the right doctor for you.

Question 1: What Treatment Options Are Available?

Healing after an on the job injury is your number one priority after an accident. Workers’ compensation doctors in Denton, TX will work with you to provide exceptional treatment to work towards a full recovery. Ask the workers’ comp doctor what treatment options are available and what they recommend for your specific injury. Ask about the pros and cons of each option when considering what treatment course is right for you.

Question 2: When Am I Able to Return to Work?

A workers’ compensation doctor in Denton, TX will probably not provide you with an exact date that you will be able to return to work, but they will tell you whether to expect to be off for a few days, weeks, or months. They will also talk to you about what it will look like when you are ready to return to work. Will you return to full capacity or will you be expected to follow a lighter workload for a while until you are fully recovered? As a workers’ comp doctor monitors your recovery, they will be able to provide a more definite date of return as the time gets closer.

Question 3: What Are My Restrictions or Limitations?

After being off of work for a while, you may need to take it easy when returning back to work. Some start back at half days while others may start back full time but with a list of limitations from workers’ compensation doctors in Denton, TX. Whatever your instructions provided by the doctor, be sure to follow them exactly. Otherwise, you could risk losing your workers’ comp benefits.

Question 4: Are You Experienced in Workers’ Comp Cases Like Mine?

Your workers’ compensation doctor in Denton, TX can have a significant role in ensuring you receive workers’ comp benefits. You want to know you have a workers’ comp doctor you can count on who has experience working with cases like yours. A workers’ comp doctor should also be comfortable working with personal injury attorneys that understand the legal side of things.

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