Finding a reliable and trustworthy workers’ compensation doctor in Plano, Texas is the first and most important step in your workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation doctor in Plano, TX is responsible for providing the utmost in medical care to ensure healing after an on the job injury. But that’s not all. They also must take detailed notes and correctly file paperwork in your workers’ comp case. Because they have such an important role, clear communication is essential between patient and doctor. Here are some important tips for talking to your workers’ compensation doctor in Plano, Texas.

Voice Your Concerns

The best way for a worker compensation doctor to provide accurate and detailed treatment and care is for them to be fully aware of all pain and injuries. They can glean important information from you when you share details about your medical history, injury, pain, and treatment effectiveness. Be open with your doctor about everything that is going on, from medical issues to insurance information and the workers’ comp process in order to make your healing, as well as your claims case, go as smoothly as possible.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

A workers’ compensation doctor in Plano, Texas can only provide accurate treatment if they have the information they need to make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. After an injury, be honest about how you feel. Misinformation can not only slow down the healing process, but also delay the claims process. Inaccurate health information can also lead to your claims case being denied. When you make an appointment with a workers’ compensation doctor in Plano, Texas, make it a point to be open and honest for the best results.

Follow Through

Workers’ compensation claims cases require that you follow through. Follow through with appointments as well as with any directives your doctor issues. When you schedule an appointment, make sure you do everything in your power to be there on time. Doctors document missed appointments as “no shows”. Reschedule if you can’t make it. Workers’ compensation doctors in Plano, Texas will also give explicit instructions for healing and relief from pain. Be sure to follow all instructions for complete healing. Not following a medical directive can lead to your benefits being terminated.

A workers’ compensation doctor that is experienced in the workers’ comp process can go a long way in speeding up the recovery process as well as the claims process. Blue Star workers’ compensation doctors in Plano, Texas have both the experience and knowledge to help you do just that. Call us today to schedule an appointment.